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Jain Philosophy & Resources in English and Gujarati


**  Whatever you wish for yourself, wish the same for others. **  Jainism  relies a great deal on one's own efforts and initiatives, and laws of  nature. **  We are the masters of our destiny. **  Attachment  and aversion are seeds of Karma, and karma is the source of misery. **  Even the most offended and powerful enemy does not cause as much harm as  uncontrolled attachment and aversion do. **  One, who washes away the  dirty heap of greed with the water of equanimity and contentment, attains  the everlasting happiness, Moksha.  **  All the living beings  wish to live and do not want to die. That is why tirthankars prohibit the  killing of living beings.  **  Just as pain is not acceptable to  you, it is so with others.  **  There is no fear for a person  with the right perception.  **  Knowledge without right conduct,  accepting vows without right faith and performing austerities without  self-control are all futile.  **  Right faith is the root of the  great tree of liberation.  **  True austerity results in the  absence of desire, and absence of desire results in the salvation.  **  A person with right knowledge does not lose him/her self in this  material world.  **  Just as a millions of lamps are of no use  to a blind person, study of numerous scriptures does not do any good to a  person without proper conduct.  **  Equanimity, tolerance,  pure-thought, freedom from attachment and aversion, right conduct,  religion, devotion to one's own self - all of these are one and same.  **  One should practice religion when he/she is young and healthy.  **  In the ocean of the material world, right religion is the best  island for supreme shelter.  **  The knowledge which reveals the  multiple aspects of things in an indirect form and is free from any doubts  is called the scriptural knowledge.  **  To be Anekäntvädi: 1)  Do not insist on your own approach, 2) Accept partial truth as expressed  by others, 3) Accept the truth even if it is expressed by adversaries, 4)  Accept that the truth can consist of seemingly opposing views, 5) Develop  a strong urge to seek truth, 6) Believe in possibilities and 7) Exercise  equanimity towards all.  **  Shrävak (male householder) or  Shrävikä (female householder) is the person who is living in a house,  has unconditional faith in the teachings of Jina and at least practices  the some of the partial vows (anuvrata).  **  Ahimsä holds the  key position in the whole scheme of the ethical discipline of the  householder and the monk.  **  The true religion is consisted of  continuous act of compassion.  **  Religion is supremely  auspicious and its essentials are the practice of nonviolence,  self-control and austerity.  **  True renunciation consists in  developing indifference towards the world, the body and the enjoyment.  **  Every soul is in itself absolutely omniscient and blissful. The  bliss does not come from outside.  **  The essential nature of a  thing is called Dharma.  **  I am alone, pure, eternal and  formless, and possessing the qualities of apprehension and comprehension.  There is nothing, not even an atom, that is my own.  **  "Knowledge without action (conduct) is of no consequence and action  (conduct) without knowledge is of no consequence. A lame man can see the  fire (has knowledge) but he cannot escape from it (thus his knowledge is  ineffective.) On the other hand, a blind man (not knowing in which  direction he is running) tries to run away from the fire (takes action)  but (without knowledge) he may not be able to escape the fire.""  **  " Unity of knowledge and action (conduct) leads to the  desirable result. These are like two wheels of a chariot which cannot run  on one wheel. Everybody knows the story of the lame and blind who got  together, escaped the fire in the jungle and reached the town." **  "The fire of austerity (conduct) which is associated with the air  (oxygen) of knowledge and which has the blaze of chastity, burns the seeds  (Karma) that are responsible for worldly life like wildfire burning a heap  of?? ??