Significance of OM



Obligation (Reason) & Development of Virtue

               Obligation (Reason)        Development of Virtue

Arihant             Spiritual Guidance         Right Belief       

Siddha              Eternity                         Liberation (contentment)

Ächärya            Conduct                         Straightforwardness      

Upädhyäya        Knowledge                      Humility            

Sädhu                Assistance                     Forgiveness       

Shankhävart – Nandyävart Jäp

Left Hand                                  Right Hand        

7          8          9                      3          4          5          12                     

6          1           2                      2          7          6          11                      

5          4          3                      1           8          9          10                     

M         A          S                      S          A          M         T          

Meditation concentrating at heart





Navakär Mantra is the most auspicious Mantra of Jainism. It is recited in the morning,  evening and for that matter at any time of  the day. While reciting Navakär Mantra, we pay our utmost respect to all supreme spiritual people - all Arihantas, Siddhas, Ächäryas, Upädhyäyas and Sädhus &  Sädhvies - who have liberated themselves, are pursuing the path of the liberation and, to those who will liberate themselves in the future, any where in the universe, and whether they are Jain or non-Jain. At the time of recital, we are supposed to remember their virtues and remind ourselves to be like them. This Mantra is also called  Namaskär Mantra or Namokkär Mantra.  In a way, the Navakär Mantra contains the essence  of  the entire Jainism.  It points out that if we want to be truly liberated, and for that we would have to give up the worldly life.


We will be using five bright colors in this meditation - white, red, yellow, green and blue: 

·        Bright white color is for elimination of passions, equanimity, universal friendship, highest level of purity and holiness.

·        Bright red color is for awakening of inner energy and developing the will power.

·        Bright yellow color is for developing wisdom, pursuing spiritual goals and practicing self-discipline.

·        Bright green color is for eradicating karmas, achieving emotional stability and relieving tension.

·        Bright blue color is for truth, calmness, religious aspiration and Devotion.


Now Select a sitting posture (äsana), select a hand position (Mudrä), closed lips, teeth in normal place, eyes are closed softly, spinal cord and neck in a straight line without stiffness, mind calm, no thoughts, all muscles loose.


Now, concentrate at the top of the head, called Center of Knowledge, Jnana Kendra

 NAMO ARIHANTANAM: Our utmost respect to all Arihantas

 Arihanta is the perfect human being, who has destroyed all inner enemies like anger, ego, deceit and greed; and shows the path of liberation to others

  Now, visualize the bright white color like full moon or snow at the center of knowledge

 Try to visualize an image of Arihanta (Tirthankar) in bright white color

Now recite - Namo Arihantanam 5 times in your mind.

Now shift the concentration between the eye-brows, called the Center of Intution- Darshana Kendra. NAMO SIDDHANAM: Our utmost respect to Siddhas. Siddhas are bodyless liberated souls and have attained the moksha.  Have perfect knowledge, perception and conduct. Have unobstructed bliss and unlimited energy.  Now, visualize the bright red color like the color of rising Sun at the Center of Intution, between the eye-brows...... Visualize - an image of Siddha in bright red color..............Now recite Namo Siddhanam 5 times in your mind.

Now shift the concentration at the throat, called the Center of Purity, Vishuddhi Kendra. NAMO AYARIYANAM: Our utmost respect to all Acharyas. Acharya is our spiritual leader in the absence of a Tirthankar,  represents organizational powers, control and discipline. Now visualize the bright yellow color like sun flower or gold at the Center of Purity...... Visualize an image of Acharya in the bright yellow color..............Now recite Namo Ayariyanam 5 times in your mind.

Now, shift the concentration at the center of the chest,  called Center of Bliss, Anand Kendra. NAMO UVAJJHAYANAM: Our utmost respect to all Upadhyayas. Upadhyaya has complete knowledge of what our Tirthankars have preached and teaches the same to aspirants, monks and nuns.  Now visualize bright green color at the Center of Bliss...... Now visualize an image of  Upadhyaya in bright green color.............. Now recite Namo Uvajjhayanam 5 times in your mind.

Concentrate at lower abdomen, two inches (four fingers) below the navel, called the Center of  Health, Svasthaya Kendra. NAMO LOE SAVVA SAHUNAM: Our utmost respect to all sadhus and sadhvies. Sadhu is a spiritual practitioner.  He/She has given up all worldly attachments and has no aversion.... Now visualize the bright blue color like the neck of a peacock, at the Center of  Health........ Now visualize an image of sadhu or sadhvi in the bright blue color............. Now recite  Namo Loe savva sahunam - 5 times  in your mind.