Jainism by Quotation

"Knowledge without action (conduct) is of no consequence and action (conduct) without knowledge is of no consequence. A lame man can see the fire (has knowledge) but he cannot escape from it (thus his knowledge is ineffective.) On the other hand, a blind man (not knowing in which direction he is running) tries to run away from the fire (takes action) but (without knowledge) he may not be able to escape the fire.""

" Unity of knowledge and action (conduct) leads to the desirable result. These are like two wheels of a chariot which cannot run on one wheel. Everybody knows the story of the lame and blind who got together, escaped the fire in the jungle and reached the town."

"The fire of austerity (conduct) which is associated with the air (oxygen) of knowledge and which has the blaze of chastity, burns the seeds (Karma) that are responsible for worldly life like wildfire burning a heap of hay."

"Jains believe that the complete truth cannot be explained by one view point. To know the complete truth, all angles and all aspects of the given situation need to be analyzed and considered. This approach is called "Anekäntväd" (multiplicity of views and theory of relativity)."

"Anekäntväd is the basis of Jainism. It is the life-force of the Jain philosophy."

"Without whom, even the worldly affairs cannot be carried out, I bow to that Anekäntväd , the only preceptor of the universe."

"Our beliefs in Ahimsä supersedes all concepts, ideologies, rules, customs and practices, traditional or modern, eastern or western, political or economical, self-centered or social"

"Aparigraha (Non-possessiveness) is physical Ahimsä (nonviolence), Syädväd (accepting others words in "some respect") is verbal Ahimsä and Anekäntväd (multiplicity of views) is Ahimsä of thoughts. The violence begins in thoughts, then transforms in speech, and then in physical form."

From Dashvaikälik Sutra:

From Uttarädhyayan Sutra:

o        A person who is free from delusion (who understands reality), has no misery. A person who is without any longing has no delusion. A person without greed has no longing. A person who does not have possessions has no greed.